Useful Tips for Rest in Yalta

Despite all the diversity of tours for recreation abroad in exotic countries, the Crimean Peninsula attracts thousands of tourists annually. Of course, it is impossible to visit the Crimea and not see the beautiful beaches of Yalta, her embankment, not to visit the zoo, do not take a walk in her streets. What can be given advice on holidays in Yalta to tourists?

What will surprise the land

In Yalta, temperate climate and gentle sea, and the beaches of Yalta are considered the best on the coast. In the vicinity of the city there is a lot of historical attractions, and numerous Yalta hotels offer a first-class vacation. About 100 thousand people live in a small town, and Yalta is very cozy. The high season at the resort begins with the first summer month, and at this time you can find here as a famous star of Tekescran and his school comrade.

The beach season at the resort begins from the end of May, and the water temperature in Yalta warms up to 26 degrees. But sometimes, when cold flow, the water temperature drops to 20 degrees, which is still comfortable for swimming. The beach season ends with the end of the velvet season at about early October.


Yalta Sanatoriums and hotels offer a wide range of services. Here you can strengthen your health, improve well-being, get rid of many ailments. Yalta beaches perfectly landscaped. This bliss - bathe and sunbathe on the gentle Yalta sun! But Yalta is attractive for tourists at any time of the year. The water temperature in Yalta is comfortable for bathing even kids.

Numerous restaurants and cafes offer to enjoy national dishes, as well as dishes from a variety of seafood. In winter, you can also spend an unforgettable vacation in Yalta - to go inspect an ancient fortress to admire the gloomy winter sea, to visit one of the palaces.

A separate conversation deserves the Yalta embankment. If you give useful advice to tourists in Yalta - be sure to go swim at night and walk along the Yalta embankment, which amazes with its beauty. In winter, the embankment is also very beautiful, and many tourists say that for the sake of such a spectacle it is worth come to Yalta in winter. In winter, Yalta is similar to a fairy tale city, in which you want to spend your vacation again.

A trip to the Crimean Yalta is a dream that can easily become a reality. Many operators are proposed to hold a weekend in Yalta or completely all vacation. Hotels and hotels of the city are always welcome to tourists, and here you can easily relax even on a modest budget. You can learn more about this subject at a Turkish news, casino, and bahis siteleri website.